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Swore to the patron saint of loneliness
Swore to the goddess of solo travel
Swore to anyone who’d listen
Would I travel alone again
Or climb an airstair
To fly one thousand miles
But here I go
No way to abstain
I’m on the road again
Because the blood
Is stronger than my word
The blood
With coils of DNA
Bubbling in the soup of my body
Sending messages
Via synapses
(Did I get my anatomy confused again?)
Sending blips of info
To my brain
So, yeah, bits of DNA
Say I miss my sons
Say I miss my granddaughter
And I’m on the skyroad again
Obsessing and obsessing
For the next two weeks
Here I go
But amid my moans and groans
E minor and A minor chords
Move down their own road
From the brain to the heart
And I can’t wait to start
My trip
Come what may…

(c) 2019 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
Image: William Penn statue on City Hall, Philadelphia, PA
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Canned Heat On the Road Again