Dragonfly with invisible wings
Decades ago landed in a swamp
Drawn by a young boy
Coloring within the lines
Using greens, browns, and clouds
A prisoner of perfection
But bound to be successful when grown

Dragonfly flitted to next school desk
Sitting on the shoulder of a rebel girl
Who just didn’t need or want lines
Crayoning a yellow sky
Smearing a tan desert with pinks and blues
And oh,
The rocky walls
Product of silt, steam and storm
Over the millennia
Sparkling quartz hard
Mirroring the soft body
Of me, the dragonfly

Two creations but no contest
Which do I choose?
And I say
This is my place
Little boy, keep your bananas and gators
Here’s where I will end
My brief life without any fear
A land of fluorescent streaks
Hot, arid suns and moons
Prickly cactus and melancholy tunes
Cacophonic silence
Captivates me too
And I dream
The West is for me…

© 2020 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: Hand-painted ukulele desert theme