Thought my previous poem is too serious for some so trying a bit of humor.  But is it…?

Went shopping at dawn
The Zombie Apocalypse
Shuffling after me

Where’s the T-paper?
X-tra soft tissues will do
Survival food too

Can’t help suspecting
A world-wide conspiracy
Paranoia or…?

(c) 2020 Clarissa Simmens, ViataMaja
IMAGE: Zombie Apocalypse shopping



Moon and Sun

Same side as Earth

Dark of the Moon

Invisible against a backdrop

Of the central star

Confused where we are

A brief death

Lack of energy

Sluggish tides

Where we abide

Inside a day of love

It is 2018

About to be

A stopping of breath

AR-15 pierces a dark day

Of the mind


Tommy Jefferson has a dream

So far away

From king and country

Rights of the land

Penned by men like

Jamie Madison

With help from Georgie Mason

At the home of their friend

Benjy Franklin

Now he bids goodbye

Heading south on his horse

To his bit of brown sugar

No serious thoughts

Whether rights should apply

To his secret sons

Born in slavery

But they’d have his money

To see them through

And Tommy thinks

Of the militia


Number Two

On that Bill of Rights

Keep the land safe and strong

That’s what goes through

Tommy’s mind in 1791

As he clatters along

The safe road to Monticello

The safe road to freedom


And over 300 years later

The Moon reflects no sun

Only the darkness of souls

Lost to a soulless gun


Personal freedom

A new Magna Carta

So says Jamie Madison

Thundering words to the new

House of Representatives

“The Right of the People

To keep and bear arms

Should not be infringed!”


Okay, okay, we get it

Arms needed for defense of a country

Or defense of a home

DEFENSE is the magical mixture

Of letters and sounds

“A well regulated militia

Being necessary to the

Security of a free State!”

SECURITY is the magical mixture

Of letters and sounds


We get it



Nowhere do we say

Assassination is okay


The assassination of rival gangs

Of government parasites

Of babies in American schools

K to 12 or colleges

Our babies, our children

The assassination of teachers, parents

Or office workers

Those doing the daily chores of life

With terrible timing


Nowhere does it say

The right to bear arms

Can be used offensively

An offense against morality


Yet on this day of love in 2018

The Moon reflects no sun

Only the metal of a soulless gun


Nowhere does it say…




© 2018 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Bill of Rights plaque, VOA Learning English



Crashed internet

Claustrophobic invasion

Panicking the psyche

Puzzling because

Not a chit-chatterer

Yet living in a hot tin box

Bearable by

Escaping into an electronic one

One that doesn’t dictate

What to watch, say, eat, or pray to

Life a click away

Until the day

Of apocalyptic crashing

Four horses riding in

With power over me:

Duke Electric

Frontier FIOS

US Government

Credit Union bank error

All gone

And then

Then the walls close in…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)