(Another morning rant)


Social media

Is the newest LSD

So mind expanding


Not saying, mind you,

Minds expand for good or bad

Colors of posts hurt


Psychedelic words

Opinions from every land

Make me want to scream


Strangling politics

Dark and hairy religion

Where’s my love and peace


Save our animals

Beat our kids like we got beat

It didn’t hurt us


Bigots are heroes

Porn is ok for children

Music spouts hatred


Scroll fast each morning

Even coffee doesn’t heal

Words, pictures, acid

© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

Image: Scenic Reflections


Motels off the road

Countless bodies leave their sweat

Search for perfection

Little packs of soaps

Hidden deep in suitcases

Souvenirs of Time

Spiritual journey

Tires ceaselessly rolling

To know the future

Stifle memories

Stale coffee erodes the heart

Yesterday finished

Humidity morphs

Into gasoline aura

Heading for deserts

Crystal forged in heat

Littered with petrified logs

Desert a paint box

Why do I love thee

Arizona? My own dream

You are my lover

Cactus hair and beard

Iridescent crystal eyes

Prehistoric bones

Gladly I take root

Juniper hair covers bark

Patiently standing

© 2014 Poetry of Memory: 6 Decades from the Space-Time Continuum

Haiku Stack: The Aging of Ruby Tuesday*

In for the long term

Until cruel words are uttered

Toleration strained


Ruby Tuesday-ing

The only alternative

Acid tears melt chains


Now too old to run

Freedom equals loneliness

Start over again?


If one could predict

Tomorrow’s unknown promise

There would be less pain


Who knows the future

When subjectivity reigns

Wiser to remain…


*Title based on the song “Ruby Tuesday by the Rolling Stones


© 2014 ViataMaja

Image: Toulouse-Lautrec