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Still have a fever today

Went out into the blinding light

So all right,

Caught a glimpse of myself

In the sliding glass door

Sun glaring

Me in every-day black

And honestly,

Thought it was Ozzy Osbourne

Well, ok

His hair is straighter than mine’

And, yeah, his hair was black

Mine was too once upon a time

But still

If someone tossed a bat–

Well, no

Don’t fill in the blanks

I’m vegetarian…


© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)


Don’t worry, I just go mad when I’m flu-ish and can’t do what I want (nothing serious) Maybe I should stop overdosing on home remedies such as cayenne pepper, lemon & honey

Here’s Ozzy’s Diary of a Madman


This is a brain on jalapeno

Wow!  What was in that Veggiburger from the snack bar on the train ?  It was a jalapeno delight reminiscent of Homer Simpson’s night in the desert , the episode where he makes his chili and hallucinates .

It led to the ocean

An old dirt path

Geographically impossible

The Atlantic Ocean could not exist in that place

But no mistaking it

Even in that space

Gray, cold with an undertow

Salty waves

Sand sucked right under the toes

And sand crabs

Tiny toe nippers scurrying around

Excavating the ground

So I sat and sniffed

The pungent saline scent

Willing my left brain to explain,  using logic

Then realized the only explanation

From that hemisphere

Would be psychotic break

No thanks

I’ll try next-door

Right brain will know

And it creatively tossed out

Multiple reasons for an ocean in the city:

“Stumbling through to a parallel universe”

” Dreaming a lucid scenario”

On and on the reasons formed

Until I begged the mind to cease

Because who really knew?

Why not just enjoy the vision

And see where it led

And yes,  I now know …


(c) 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)