So many explanations about
The Hanged Man of the Tarot
Most depicted with left leg
Twisted into a cross
Cross under a cross
The home of martyred gods
Of pecked-out-eye gods
Absorbing the secret of life
An Odin, a Jesus, and
Some might say
A John Lennon
Wood of the cross
Wood of the tree
Tree of Life
Tree of Knowledge
Root of the Curse
Visited on me
Passed down through family
Mark of the maternal line
Great Gran, Gran, Mom
Me, my son
Born misshapen left leg
The Curse, Gran said
Good and bad
The healer’s mark
Telling us to do no harm
But it just accompanies
The dreaded curse
No one listens
No one cares
No one loves
How to heal
Those who steal
Our reputation
Our confused social damnation
Leg now unswerving in youth
Remaining resolutely strong in maturity
Helping us to forget
Our notoriety
Seen only by others
Never ourselves
What did we do?
Origin remains a mystery
Perhaps fog and rain
Disoriented the brain
Some well-meaning healing
Triggering hateful words
Directed to the drabarni
And her progeny
Throughout time?
Curses return, says Gran
We must never curse anyone
But can we end its power, I ask
Gran turns away
Bathed by the sun
Accept your life, every day
Managing to age
Left leg begins to distort
As fragile bones contort
And once again
We are back on the tree
Upside down
What did I learn
And why me…

(c) 2018 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: Some Hanged Man cards