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I don’t know

Call it poetic license


Just received my vintage copy

The Music of Joni Mitchell

For guitar (and baritone ukulele)

Forgot the words to

Ladies of the Canyon

And, well, am I making this up

Or is it the same canyon

Robert Plant sings about

In Going to California?

If so, I see clashing perspectives

Joni wrote a lovely, accepting song

About three “ladies”

Living the hippie ideal

Robert wrote a song and

In the Zeppelin IV album

He sings, with dread,

“Canyons started to tremble and shake

As the children of the sun begin to awake.

Watch out…”

She embracing the scene

He totally overwhelmed

By the experience

By the vastness

By the teenage liberation

Of the American West

Of the guitars and sun

Of the eagles and sky

Let freedom fly

(Just thought I’d mention it)

© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: My newest song book


YouTube videos:

https://youtu.be/jft55QBkE6o?list=RDjft55QBkE6o Joni Mitchell 12:25 begins Ladies of the Canyon

https://youtu.be/PDIz4talyQk Led Zeppelin (Robert Plant singing)


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Time slyly approaches us

Then runs screaming into the night


We are stardust*

We are golden*

Never before or since

Has there been

Such a magical generation

And although some were financially seduced

Mistaking the original meaning

Of the word “golden”

Many will never forget

The definition of love-and-peace

Despite bouts of anger

Against each other

Squabbling siblings who easily forgive


When it comes to standing together

We will

Just like once upon a time

We did


*Joni Mitchell, Woodstock


YouTube:  https://youtu.be/q3SjqGfe-yM


© Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: CS & dog Tarot camping in Pennsylvania






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Obsessed all day

Must rid myself of the thoughts

About a social media incident

Wikipedia (and I must add

That although I earn $200

Over the poverty line

I yearly donate to them

Because knowledge is power)

So, okay, Wikipedia posted

A picture of a five-year-old girl

With an infant

Stating she was the youngest

To ever give birth

In 1933 Peru

And she was still living

So me, without coffee

–It hadn’t quite perked—

Flipped out

A no-no during Mercury Retrograde

But I commented angrily

That she was obviously raped

And demanded that Wikipedia

Pull the picture

Because the poor child

Now older than me

Could probably see

This entry

Wikipedia refused, not quite citing

The Free Speech Amendment

But the comments from others began

Some were sympathetic and joined in

Asking for deletion of the entry

But OMG, the comments of hate

Calling me names

Posting pregnancy pictures of this baby

And saying I deserved to suffer and look at her


From whom?  How do I label them?

Perverts? Crazies?

This raged on for too long and I deleted my comment

But of course I obsessed

But of course I feel devastated

But of course I wished myself

To be black and white and tiny

As I desperately clawed at the edges

Of a History book cover

Beads and flowers

Framing my face

Skipping through the pages

Searching for photographs

To slip into

Where peace signs and

Words like “Love”

Adorn the pages

Where I rightfully belong

Way back in time

Pressed between the leaves

In order not to wonder

Where  love of humanity has gone

Or did it ever exist

WTF were we thinking…?


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)


YouTube video The Youngbloods, Get Together  https://youtu.be/9R8ynRhwvtY

IMAGE: CS & Tarot camping