What do the ancestors say
Is there comfort from
Beyond the veil
Thinking about generational curses
Wondering if they’re true
Were they poor generational choices
So easy to misconstrue
Powerful DNA
Passed down through the years
Eyes and hair and sickness too
So why not memories
That we confuse
With reincarnation
So why not a compass
Leading us down the wrong path
Because we have always done it
That way
My generational curse
A Tantalus one
Victory always just out of reach
Me on one side of the breach
And I don’t ask for much
But as such
I just can’t seem to attain
Still, my personal generational curse
Is not like the one, say, of the Kennedys
But then there are today curses
Eyes of evil looking at me
Who knows why
If you only knew
What life has done to me
But I smile so you don’t know
And so I ask the ancestors
To help me go on
No sense asking why
But I need the remedy
The outcome
Safety for me
Safety for my family
Is there any protection
Against mindless enmity…?

(c) Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: Hoodoo Tarot 2


So many meanings for gris-gris

Little cloth bag of thirteen charms

Used as an amulet or for a curse or

As a method of birth control

Vodoun the religion

Voodoo-Hoodoo stereotypes

Black magic or good luck

Zombies, chicken bones

Dolls with pins

What is the truth, the head spins

I think of it as the original French word: gray*

I see it as a swirl of black and white

I see it as day and night

I see it as yang and yin

I see it as the divine curtain

Separating hell and heaven

Gray, like the Grateful Dead say

Everything has a touch of gray

Including magic

My gris-gris bag was too powerful

Syncretized with my own Gypsy culture

It now sits at the bottom of my closet

In my backpack of cremation clothes

To my sons:

Tie it around my neck

As I go into the flames

This is a last request

In sound mind I proclaim…

https://youtu.be/wOaXTg3nAuY   touch of grey, grateful dead, youtube

The “a” in “gray” is US English and the “e” in “grey” is British although the GDead used the British spelling  (just a bit of boring trivia)

© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

Image: flickriver textures creative commons