Appearing in the

Northern Hemisphere

Canis Major

Greater Dog

Known as Sirius

The brightest star

Named for the Egyptian god Osiris

Ruler of life, death, fertility and plant rebirth

Also visible is

Canis Minor

Lesser Dog

Known as Procyon

Both stars

Halfway between Orion

And Earth

So wanting to be with

Us aching humans

Helplessly watching our dogs

Over the years

Trek to the skies

As we bid goodbye

It is not such a huge leap of imagination

To think that our best friends

Have come to reassure us

Sniffing, smiling

As only their species can do

A joyously unique

Modus vivendi

Telling us yes,

We are happy in a new life

As we light the way

For those who are



Herding them back

Before they go astray

So let us remember our dogs


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

Image: Earth Sky



A mere five years

For the NASA space probe

To reach the giant’s orbit

Aptly named Jupiter

Largest solar system planet

King of the mythological gods

A wife-cheater

Wrapping himself in clouds

To hide his activities

But Juno, a goddess with

Her own special powers

Was able to see through the billowing mass

Revealing his true nature

It’s what I love about the myths

They are an amazing sociological record

Of human conduct

That has not changed

Since humans first learned the art of recording

Behavior, thoughts, emotions

By word or by painting

By song or by scraping clay tablets

Eventually figuring out the all-important

Method of ancient papers and ink

So what does this have to do with space expeditions?

We’re peering through the clouds

Jupiter’s behavior no longer a mystery

It’s an achingly long way to find other worlds

When ours is depleted

Beginning with the telescope in 1608

Mapping out the route

Way-stations to planets like ours

We won’t be part of the exodus

But future generations will be

Stopping off at Jupiter for refueling

Heading toward other solar systems

Full of hope while continuing

The long tradition of exploration

I like it…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: NASA Juno and Jupiter



Seems to me

That women


Moving through time

Burned, beheaded

Accused as witches

Or other crimes against society

Whether killing an abusive spouse

Or forgetting their place at work

Are no better or no worse

Than any of us

Maybe vexatious

Unfortunately, for them,

Displaying a bit more hubris

Ending in nemesis

As the gods that be


Conspire to end their thoughts

And actions because

They just won’t obey…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Nemesis Planetary Symbol




In the mythology of


It is lucky to watch

Their tango-ing across the

Indigo sky

I try

To peer between the canopy

Woven by a family of

Live Oak

Leafy branches

At least fifty feet in the

Invisible air

Reaching for each other

Comforting like a mother

Sheltering offshoots

Humans, critters and birds

Effective nighttime screen

Impedes my view

So who could feel impatient

With them

Even though the Perseids will remain hidden

In the northeastern sky?


On the other hand

In the folklore of comets

It is unlucky to see one

Ask Mark Twain

Born and died

Between the 76 years

Of Halley’s Comet

Although Twain somehow knew

It would be true

For one who came into the world

With the tongue and wit

Of a firecracker

And would leave the same way.

Yet William the Conqueror

In 1066

(Remember that date in

European History class?)

Saw it as a good omen.


Is there a major difference

Between these celestial manifestations?

A meteor is a falling star

A flash of light from debris

Burning up inside the Earth’s atmosphere

Perhaps that’s where luck comes in

At least it will not smash our world


(Although maybe the

Last thoughts of dinosaurs

Heartily disagreed with this statement)

A meteor is the light we see

Not the physical body

A comet is more physical

With a body of ice and rock

Orbiting the sun

For up to two hundred years

We see the tail but

It is not ready to crash or burn


Perhaps in their infinite streaking

Across time and space

Comets, meteors

Physical or not

Visible or not

Are merely the backdrop

To nightsky life

Sometimes allowing

Mere mortals to

Understand we are just that…

© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)