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People are always


The soulmate concept

I.E., my soulmate

May be the homeless man

Wrapped in a blanket on the sidewalk

Drinking from a bagged bottle

Or a child

Or a wildly inappropriate person

(according to my standards)

Someone I wouldn’t be caught

Dead or alive with

Maybe not a person

Maybe a protozoa

This time around

So in order to ignore that fact

And continue to search

For the one true love

Of one’s life

We eclecticize the myth

My favorite is the Greek playwright

Aristophanes’ Cartwheel People

Zeus split us up and we spend

An entire lifetime looking for that

Other half, our exact duplicate

Physically, not soulfully

Not putting it down

Eclecticizing, taking from

Multi-myths, rationalizing reasons

Why they look and act the way they do

Is a very human need for me and you

And so the definition of eclecticizing

According to me

Is to invent reasons why

Only the perfect match

Qualifies as soulmate

Me?  Well, I’ve accepted the microscopic

Protozoa this lifetime

He (it?) really has intense karma

Some day, we’ll be together…


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© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)




Dionysus, the famous party boy,

Fell in love with

Ariadne, abandoned princess

She who aided Theseus

In his escape from the labyrinth

After murdering her father’s monster

The Minotaur who fed on the sacrificials

Ariadne agreed to help Theseus

If he would take her with him

Wanting to escape Crete

Mostly wanting to be

With her beloved hero

She trailblazed a path

Through the passages with thread

Theseus escaped, took her to an island

Then left her for dead

Dionysus found Ariadne

Immortalizing the princess

By flinging her crown into the aethers

Ptolemy, second century astronomer

Named the collection of seven stars Corona Borealis

Here stands a lonely poet

Not twenty minutes before a May midnight

In twenty-first century Florida

Gazing at the same crown of stars

While pondering how


And faithless men

Are unchangeable over time…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Corona Borealis