personal reality


Two sides of reality
Like 20/20 vision
That was never mine
Daylight sun
Where all clear
Even in a rainstorm
Midnight dark
Monsters visible
In their
Hypnagogic glory
Mouths and teeth
So gory
Give me dawn
Stars just fading
Comforting gray
Like soft flannel
Laundered to a fine thinness
Early birds tweet
No mischief around
Nocturnal creatures
And beans from the tropics
Perk me up
The aroma! Tingling taste buds!
A consistency thicker than mud
Or give me twilight
Early moon rising through
The fleecy velvet of gray
End of the day
Still some time to keep away the night
With 25 watts of light
Guitars strumming
End of the coffee in the pot
Still hot
Dawn and Evenfall
A two-headed coin
My reality…

© 2020 Clarissa Simmens
IMAGE: My Sundown Tree