Only bought one useless prize

Irresistible when the monitor holds

The entire world bazaar

Unfolding before my eyes

Beckoning me with its wares

One click and it’s mine

At least I succumbed to practicality

A twelve-pack of picks

I don’t use them

I strum with my thumb

But here are twelve miniature paintings

By Vince VG

So let’s see

Can use the Starry Night one

When playing Don McLean’s Vincent

Can use The Bedroom one

When playing Linda Ronstadt’s song

Since the answer to her question

When Will I Be Loved?

Is always “Never”

(That single bed tells it all)

Yes, I can see

Playing and singing with artwork

Between my fingers and thumb

Can be fun

For a day, anyway…

© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)