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Time slyly approaches us

Then runs screaming into the night


We are stardust*

We are golden*

Never before or since

Has there been

Such a magical generation

And although some were financially seduced

Mistaking the original meaning

Of the word “golden”

Many will never forget

The definition of love-and-peace

Despite bouts of anger

Against each other

Squabbling siblings who easily forgive


When it comes to standing together

We will

Just like once upon a time

We did


*Joni Mitchell, Woodstock




© Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: CS & dog Tarot camping in Pennsylvania






Our fathers bled at Valley Forge.
The snow was red with blood,
Their faith was warm at Valley Forge,
Their faith was brotherhood.

Wasn’t that a time, wasn’t that a time,
A time to try the soul of man,
Wasn’t that a terrible time?

Brave men who died at Gettysburg
Now lie in soldier’s graves,
But there they stemmed the slavery tide,
And there the faith was saved.


The fascists came with chains and war
To prison us in hate.
And many a good man fought and died
To save the stricken faith.


And now again the madmen come,
And should our vic’try fail?
There is no vic’try in a land
Where free men go to jail.

Isn’t this a time!
Isn’t this a time!
A time to try the soul of man,
Isn’t this a terrible time?

Our faith cries out we have no fear
We dare to reach our hand
To other neighbors far and near
To friends in every land.

Isn’t this a time!
Isn’t this a time!
A time to free the soul of man!
Isn’t this a wonderful time!

(Sorry, had trouble finding a Pete Seeger video to share here. There are videos of other singers but I felt that Seeger does it best. This one is from Rolling Stone):





Oh, the outcry

About Dylan’s lack of

Poetic language

Since when

Has HOW something is said

Become more important

Than WHAT is being said?

Beautifully-crafted words


The convocation

Leading to freedom

Perhaps a national trait

At least, since 1776

What good are Wordsworth’s words

About Daffodils

If they are poisoned by


For biblical fans

You’ll understand

There is a time for beauty

But also

A time for action…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

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