Came to the club in search of music

Hoping you would fling your magic

Into the stale air of the crowded basement

People squeezed into tables squeezed into spaces

And I would be hit by the wit of your mind

Enabling me to once again write…

Strumming and plucking and bowing the strings

You are the magicians with power over Maja

Maja a lesser reality that I must overcome

In order to realize my true nature

To write the right words…

A co-creator of your illusion

By misperceiving and naming it reality

Knocking on the door of a delusion

Moving through the world respectfully, accurately

Affecting the experience and

Harvesting the consequences of my actions…

© 2014 ViataMaja, Laminas



John Knowles said,

“There was no harm in taking aim,

Even if the target was a dream.”


So she took it to mean

It was ok to fantasize

But she took it too literally


Found a viable target

But she couldn’t leave the internet alone

Couldn’t leave the images

Couldn’t leave the social media

Had to look, more and more each day


Until there was too much information


That interfered with the fantasy


Like a wife and children

Like a happy marriage


She so wanted to press him

Like a touchscreen

To find the definition of their love


No, no love in a fantasy

Merely solipsistic pretense

So she tried to end it with him

On her part


Since he didn’t know


But like Lot’s wife

She turned around

One final time

And turned into

A pillar of silicon…

© 2014 ViataMaja, Laminas