#20 JUDGMENT (work-in-progress)

Turn up this card
From the deck of 78
Traditionally see
Gabriel blowing his horn
While happy, animated corpses
Leap out of their coffins in joy
And we instantly interpret
The obvious symbols:
Renewal, rebirth
And the power to forgive
Although it might be difficult
For the flower to forgive the bee
Who blithely
Sucks the nectar
From her heart and soul
Leaving a shell of
Empty hell
It is not difficult for me
I forgive you
Whispers I
Into the dark silence
Staring at the images of our past
And in truth
Judging you
I confess
The phrase is meaningless
The phrase is wrapped in
Invisible barbed wire
Because in the staggering
Loneliness of night
When the bite of acid rain
Reminds me of things said
And like mindless zombies
Thoughts of what you did
Slither out of the corpse clay
Fastening hungry mouths
On my brain
That is when
After judging you
I ask
Is this any way to live?
How can I ever
Palliate, mitigate,

(c) 2019 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGE: JUDGMENT TAROT CARD (The US spelling is without the “e”)



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Souls are like glass

Strong at the base

Made to resist slamming

On tables and crates


But the body is fragile

Shatters anyway

Bottle bottom useless

Swept away


Modern miracle

Allows for recycling of glass

Born anew

Melted in vast vats


This time it is born

With a light green hue

Chemical constituents of other broken bottles

Mixed in a glassy stew


Are once-alive souls combined

In a recycling purgatory

Only to be confused

Ignorant of a previous story


Like other beliefs

Reincarnation requires

A leap of faith with

Rebirth a strong desire


What George Harrison says has relatable worth

Give me love, peace but KEEP ME FREE FROM BIRTH…  George Harrison, Give Me Love


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

Image: Colourbox