rural life



Early morning flea market trip

No second hand art, poetry or

Musical instruments

No nothing

Except an AK-47 for sale

And T-shirts stating

“Deplorable And Proud Of It”

(Spelled correctly, at least)



Scented candles

Outdoor “café” serving

Strong coffee and fried eggs

Important for me, the breakfast person

At the dollar store bought another

Stone mortar and pestle

And scissors shaped like a Crane

Love katja (scissors) and churi (knives)

Not because books and movies

Stereotypically insist that the Romani (Gypsies)

Indulge in knife fights

They are weapons but also used peacefully:

Cutting herbs and weeds for medicines

Cutting fabric for clothes

Paper dolls for toys

What peace-related function has an AK-47?

Did I mention the AK-47 for sale on a table?


Yeah, sure, if I was in Tampa or Miami

Would probably find stuff related to

Music, art, literature

But once upon a time

When I wandered into the rural fleas

There was the “good” side of red-neck shopping:

Bought many a cast iron kettle and pot

Books on dehydrating and edible flowers

Farming implements, non-poisonous planting seeds

And homemade honey from local bees


I guess we all have a different opinion about

How to make America great “again”


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: The spoils of peace