soul mate

WHEN WE MET TODAY (A hypnagogic image)


We were lions together

Once standing erect

Dredlockian manes of singed gold

Mingled in the sooty sunlight

Front paws entwined

Walking upright as one

Never to be separated

Until the unavoidable end

Vowing one following the other

To the mysterious portal

But separated

We lost our way

And until today

I did not know…


© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

Image: Lions, Chauvet Cave painting, France



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What color are your eyes

Blue as the skies

Or as dark as the soil

(The source of your

Bi-weekly paycheck)?

We both wear sunglasses

Walking across the garden center

From opposite ends


Glancing at each other

Suddenly still, staring

Through UV lenses

There is a visible, sizzling bond

Despite the tint

Shading the expression

The magical “look”

And the color of

Each other’s eyes

Sensing the surprise

Of timeless recognition

Until a customer

Comes between us

And I move on, thinking

“I only imagined the violins…”


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Zazzle/Leslie Harlow sunglasses  (“Some Enchanted Evening” sung by Giorgio Tozzi)


I no longer accept the myth of the soul mate

Although many do believe

They’ve met theirs

If so, very happy for you

But most of us

Have not even approached a facsimile

And so…?

So maybe a useful method would be

Serial soul mate searching by present age

See, I once believed in elemental increments and

That makes sense in pairing.

Beginning with Earth, when we’re young

We may be interested in

Materialism and safety

The type of mate who can supply these will keep us secure

And we can now live happily ever after

Time passes…

Um, looks like that didn’t work very well

Surely the second person is the soul mate

There’s no one better sexually, visually

Not much else needed

But we’re really only at the Water stage: emotions

Love is an emotion and undoubtedly this is love

And this time we will live happily ever after

Time advances…

Well, they say three time’s a charm

Here is the REAL soul mate, true?

Air: logic, intelligence

A mature way to match up

We’ve left the silly thoughts of fortune behind

Sex is great, but not ALL that important, right?

Intellectually, we once again know

That we will live happily ever after

Tempus fugit…

Ok, I admit it, I give up

I’m at the element of Fire: spirituality

Yet I don’t believe all will be perfect

I don’t believe in soul mates

I don’t believe in happily ever after

Actually, I’m not sure about anyone or anything anymore

Is that a by-product of wisdom or old age?

© 2014 ViataMaja, Laminas