Okay, sorry, I love my Scorpio friends

But as an astrological dilettante

I discovered that an election date in November

Was convenient

Because the crops would be harvested

And winter storms would be mild

So Congress instituted the uniform date

In 1845


No offense to Scorpios

Those wonderfully mysterious

Water signs

But you know you can be

Stinging Scorpions or

Soaring Eagles

Quite a dual sign and time

To entrust the astrological vibrations

To an iffy pantomime of promises


Would the Founding Fathers

Have approved of the month?

It is said those wily Masons

Chose July 4th, under the sign of Cancer,

As the ideal day for the

Birth of the Nation

Computing positions of

Planets and stars

For maximum success

Another Water sign

Water, mutable


I, personally, would choose Libra

For an election month

An Air sign of logic

Seeking balance

Wouldn’t want to

Interfere with the harvesting

But does it really matter in modernity?


Hey, let’s add a new amendment

To the Constitution:

Change elections to be held

Between September 21 and October 21

The only ones harvesting are Big Farm

(Maybe Big Pharm is raking in the money, too, at that time)

Most of us are trying to stretch a dollar and

Find some fun in life

But I’d be willing to vote then


While we’re amending,

Let’s change the name of

CAMPAIGN contributions to


Yeah, okay, do I get three wishes?

Let’s also outlaw war…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE:  EarthSky



(This is my opinion on the election and I will not write about it again. Nor will I get into any arguments about this.  I will remove any comments that are emotional rather than thoughtful. I only ask you to research the issues and vote that way.  I am not telling you to vote for a particular candidate)


Make a list of three columns

In the center one

Write all your important issues

In the left column put Candidate A

List the important issues espoused

In the right column put Candidate B

List the important issues espoused

So if your issues say:

Dislike immigration

Dislike handouts to the needy

Dislike women being responsible for their own bodies

Dislike trying to find peaceful solutions in world affairs

You will notice your issues match up

With Candidate B’s issues

Hocus Pocus

You will vote for Candidate B

If your issues say:

Like thoughtful immigration

Like helping the truly needy

Like women being responsible for their own bodies

Like searching for peaceful solutions in world affairs

You will notice your issues match up

With Candidate A’s issues


You will vote for Candidate A

Completely different issues

Completely different outcomes for the country

So tell me

How can this be voting for the lesser evil?

If you are a thinking person

No matter your preferred candidate

You are voting for whatever issues

Are close to your emotions but

Like most responsible voters

You will use your intellect

After researching the facts

How can this be voting for the lesser evil?

Stop the insanity

Start studying the issues of each party

VOTE!  But please research the truth

And remember,

Your candidate will need a Congress

In sync with your candidate’s issues

Don’t forget to study

Past voting records

To see where they stand

And then vote for those

Senators and Representatives

They legislate the laws

And while we may chafe under

Government regulations

Civilization is all about

Forming the most perfect union

Once conceived in liberty

And dedicated to the proposition

That all are created equal…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)