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Wake up singing weather songs

Lines from the Rascals:

“How’s the weather?

Whether or not, we’re together

Together we’ll see it much better

I love you, I love you forever…”

And now, I’m singing this

Not about my soul mate

Who never appeared

But about my little world

About life

I’ll love it, love it, forever

But with six storms surrounding

The Florida Peninsula

Wind, rain, and flood

I see trees smashing

My tin roof

Water engulfing the sand

Of my road

The road the trash collectors

Mail carriers

Refuse to service

And me

Standing there

Until a gust of

Tropical storm wind

Makes itself felt

And I morph into

Vitruvian woman

Pinwheeling down the dirt road

Into the last adventure

Of this life I love…

© 2020 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: for 9-12-20

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Written on the Airbus 5-22-19

*scroll down for a YouTube video

What is the color
Of turbulence?
Chakra madness
Takes root in the dirt

RED for danger
Oh, yeah
No protection
None at all
Except yawning, disturbing
Tympanic membranes
Blocking sound
Upchucking bag
Winks at me from the pouch
Of the forward seat
A cloud below
A pill swallowed
Just in case

ORANGE for emotions
WiFi in the sky
So I type my fears to
Friends via Messenger
Just want them to know
They’re on my mind

YELLOW for power
As we bump along I say,
“Be a warrior!”
Mantras 36,000 feet in the sky
What a way to say goodbye
But I do

GREEN for health
Oh, right, what kind
Am I thinking about?
Alive and well after landing
Would be better than diet and exercise
In this time and space

TURQUOISE for communication
“Ground Control To Major Tom”
You’re there, right?
Can you hear me…?

INDIGO for the third eye
Gosh and golly gee
I can see that
I am psychic
Because as I write
The pilot dings the warning
To sit and stay
Locked away
Under a flimsy seatbelt

VIOLET for spirituality
If we believe in heaven
We sure are near it now

My airsick pill takes effect
I yawn
Bouncing along
My pen feels heavy
I yawn
Turbulence fades away…

(c) 2019 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

*Space Oddity, David Bowie, YouTube




Ten p.m. drapery of fog

Mere inches ahead

In an obscured backyard

Now unfamiliar territory

Feeling freaked

And not reassured

By my dogs’ growls

Peering through concealing mist

Goliath-sized creature

Wings slowly lifting

Smudging the sky

I close my eyes

As it ascends into the dense ceiling

Almost hearing the futile pounding

Of the waning crescent

On its stubborn Impenetrability

Dogs begin a low protest

Crescendoing into a shattering howl

Live Oaks dwarfed

By what can only be

A dragon in the fog …


© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

Image:  The Mist Dragon, Andre Ma, Deviant Art