Picking my way through the swamp
Stomping in useless suede cloth boots
Sand spurs sticking to tights
Shouting to warn unbrumating snakes
All for the picture
And the metaphor
Of seeing the palm tree
Juxtaposed with the Queen Anne’s Lace
But by the time I hike into the
Out of control greens and browns
Hang up my guitar for the arty effect
The photo just isn’t there
At least not by phone camera
That I swear has no zoom-in
The sun hovers between East and South
Washing out the white flowers
If I move forward
The deep swamp will suck me down
It’s not really evil
Just has a sense of humor
And I seem to be the only one fascinated
With its loveliness
So I make it two photos
But the poem in my mind
Is gone
The metaphor was
The convergence of seasons
Palm tree
That never lost its greenery
Because of the warm winter
Queen Anne’s Lace
So Philly and Jersey summer
From my youth
The only flowers
Besides the Sunflower
That I’d occasionally see
In the concrete city
North meets South
Spring meets Summer
No, better go
Before the Water Moccasins
Slither over
And in May
The gators walk all day
Looking to mate
Bad enough a Blue Jay
Almost crashed into me
On my elliptical
This morning, outside
Pedaling to
Of all tunes

(c) 2018 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)
IMAGES: My guitar on the swamp palm tree and quasi-invisible Queen Anne’s Lace


Queen Anne's Lace in May with arrow


violinist & romni vintage art print

Once it went: “Is it live or is it Memorex?”

Now it goes: “Is it live or is it Photoshop?”

Two snaps of time

From the nineteen-seventies

Photoshopped by him

Borrowing hers from social media

His from a family album

Showing the bow

Seducing strings of the lavuta

Eyes closed

Far away

She sits cross-legged before a tent

Two dogs flanking, pillar-like

Jachin and Boaz, Yin and Yang

Tarot card High Priestess in blue denim

Eyes open

Far away

He clicks the mouse creating a new reality

She remains cross-legged on the grass

Enthralled by his voice and music

His eyes remain closed

Yet his mind opens to her presence

Neither wonders how they are now together

Two photos merged

Shinaimos, Destiny

He opens his eyes

In fantastical surprise

As she turns her head, smiling

Uncrossing her legs

As he swiftly moves into her realm

Image: 1898 Gipsy Team by Ludwig Knaus

c 2015 ViataMaja