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Entwined in DNA

Dreams refusing to die

Whether for




We will grow legs

And crawl out of the muck

We will align with the greenery

And face the sun

We will rev up the engine

And drive forevermore


Physical or mental

Brings us to the border

O, we must refuse to

Hover between fantasy

And the real


Those who dig the deepest

Wresting the treasure chest

From the Earth’s grasp

Those who claim the prize

Will inherit the future

The priciest double helix

To pass along

Singing the sacred song

Of a life well won…

© 2017 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: My son B. Michael’s car YouTube video Running Down a Dream (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers)



I treated the Universe

As Cassandra was dealt with


Preceding eye-rolling

Although it has a track record

Of being right—the Universe—

All the time

I still chose to ignore warnings


How many times

Did It conspire

To break apart

A damned, doomed relationship?

But no


I speak and understand the language

Of the Universe

I pretended that the words

“Run! “   or

“Stay put!”

Were gibberish

And I mentally ridiculed

The insistent Voice


Now I’m older and

Truly want advice

But the Universe has flung

Its starry hands

Out into the void

In frustration

I’m sure I hear it whispering

“You are too old to waste time on now”


Mom was going to name me Cassandra

But someone told her it was bad luck

Can’t see that Clarissa is any better

Did you ever read the epistolary tome

By Richardson

Titled “Clarissa”?

The book goes on and on

Until you wish Clarissa would just

Disappear or stop writing letters

The book doesn’t end well


Should have been more sympathetic to

The Universe

I can relate

Despite my name not being Cassandra

No one listens to me either

And some of my useful knowledge

Will be forever lost


But I’ll use the Universe

As a role model

Does the Universe complain

When no one cares?

Does the Universe eat chocolate

When others ignore It?

The Universe goes on and on

Despite the warnings of

Physicists, Astronomers, Mathematicians

Religious leaders and maybe even Astrologers


Survival, I’ve learned,

In spite of not making use of the insight

Starts with a thick skin

© 2015 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: CASSANDRA, Flower Garden of Kromeríz, Czech Republic