Sea of cars

Like a humpback whale convention

Row after row

Speakers dangling off windows

Rolled up, fighting the city mosquitoes

Flinging their bodies against the glass

Humidity glazing the outside windshield

Passion steaming the insides of those big-fin cars

Monsters larger than life stomping across the screen

In black and white

Teen girls

Soon to be called women

When the feminist movement

Roars through the states

Pick their way

To the bathrooms

Why is there always a line for females

But never for males

Are they using the bushes

Behind the stands

“Go on out to the lobby”

Sing the dancing refreshments

Time to wade through mass mayhem

To buy salty, oily popcorn

And sugary colas

Rumored to make girls sexy

If taken with aspirin

The boys stuff dollars

Into the hands of the girls

Who are willing to stand in line

For this treat divine

No escape from the pandemonium

Pushing, laughing

And talk-talk-talking

Most of all

Now back to the car

When the movie continues

What a wondrous place for teens

What a wondrous place for

Pajama-clad babies

Those babies conceived in liberty

At the drive-in movie

So long ago…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Solano drive-in