Okay, sorry, I love my Scorpio friends

But as an astrological dilettante

I discovered that an election date in November

Was convenient

Because the crops would be harvested

And winter storms would be mild

So Congress instituted the uniform date

In 1845


No offense to Scorpios

Those wonderfully mysterious

Water signs

But you know you can be

Stinging Scorpions or

Soaring Eagles

Quite a dual sign and time

To entrust the astrological vibrations

To an iffy pantomime of promises


Would the Founding Fathers

Have approved of the month?

It is said those wily Masons

Chose July 4th, under the sign of Cancer,

As the ideal day for the

Birth of the Nation

Computing positions of

Planets and stars

For maximum success

Another Water sign

Water, mutable


I, personally, would choose Libra

For an election month

An Air sign of logic

Seeking balance

Wouldn’t want to

Interfere with the harvesting

But does it really matter in modernity?


Hey, let’s add a new amendment

To the Constitution:

Change elections to be held

Between September 21 and October 21

The only ones harvesting are Big Farm

(Maybe Big Pharm is raking in the money, too, at that time)

Most of us are trying to stretch a dollar and

Find some fun in life

But I’d be willing to vote then


While we’re amending,

Let’s change the name of

CAMPAIGN contributions to


Yeah, okay, do I get three wishes?

Let’s also outlaw war…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE:  EarthSky



(Scroll down for Jimi Hendrix’s May This Be Love YouTube video)


You said we are two water spirits

Children of the sunlit sea

You, merely a reflection of the

Air temperature

But me, a hot and healing bubbling spring

And so, my sunlight is perfectly right

For the cool chasm of your soul

The one submerged

Beneath the water line

Seeking solace from the ice floes

You said, age is no consequence

To the dawn’s pink and purple light

Because, despite our chronology

You are truly the waning year

Fighting the rain in your heart

While I reach out

To life in full joy

Expecting a special gift each day

I, a wondrous child

You, aged in experience

You said, as the Knight of Cups

You will lovingly protect me,

Your Queen of Wands

Throughout time and beyond

But you, meaning you, not I

Have the water sign’s cursed mutability

While I blazed, you cooled

And then you were gone…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)

IMAGE: Fanning Springs, FL

YOUTUBE VIDEO: May This Be Love, Jimi Hendrix




Claims of being a lone practitioner

Yet the magnetic pull to be around society

Cannot be denied

A safe haven

In the past

Was to fake being

Extrovertica falsitus

(Damn! Forgot my Latin declensions!)

This time I mean it

No more people

Just me

Practitioning alone

Sure enough

Degree 248 arose randomly

In some arcane book

Associated with Sagittarius

And the number 8

But do not care to read the reasons why

Practicing sortilege and

Observing the sky

Is enough for me

Deep down in the earthy depths

New elements are being created

Likened to inner changes

Occurring in my awareness

Will I finally mature

Grow a tougher skin

Understand that life

Is never fair yet

Always precious

Even to us non-conformists

Who so want to be accepted

But not at the price of our souls…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)




Poem based on the book The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle

by Lynda Hill & Richard Hill © 1995*


“Miners are emerging from a deep coal mine”


Today, randomly generated the number 192

Wandered the cold, dripping mines

Wondering what to do

At still another life cusp

Menacing stalactites creeping down

Snaring stalagmites tripping the unwary

Wandered twelve days in the darkness

When the answer came, so obvious,

Wondered why I didn’t believe what was already known

Gems pick-axed from the walls

Must be brought up to the light

As a reminder

To never again lack self-faith

And to remember that

Coming into the light reveals

Rewards gained by

Releasing a belabored point…


© 2016 Clarissa Simmens (ViataMaja)


*Thanks to Hunter S. Jones ( )   for reminding me about the Sabian Symbols that are used to describe astrological degrees in a horoscope. It is often helpful to consult the ancient practice of sortilege–sometimes called Bibliomancy–for guidance.