rock band


What kind of day will I have today?

There is always a choice

And a choice within a choice


Like it can be a Clapton’s “Layla” day

Caught between the beat of a song

The rock version of “Layla” type

Frantic, passionate, electric

Or the laid-back blues version

Acoustically accepting a spiritual bouquet

As my mood encourages me to portray


Like it can be a Beatles’ “Revolution” day

The two versions closer in their cadence

But with different ways of looking at the same words

With the added attraction of “Revolution 9”

If a third choice is needed

Or reverse it for still another voice


A day that is fast or one that is slow

So very hard to know

Yet it is my decision…


© 2014 ViataMaja, Laminas

THE DEAD J’S ROCK BAND (A Stacked Haiku)

A hidden gateway

Overabundance of green

Live Oaks, Lantana…

String Man stumbles through

Guitar slung over his back

Fiddle held in hand.


Moment gazing at the dream

She smiles and says,

Tell me who you are

Have we met somewhere before?

He smiles and says,

Went to hell one day

Much worse than a summer drought

A Haiku-ish thought

I met the Dead J’s

Got out our guitars and played

Whoosh, we’re in Heaven.

Who are the Dead J’s?

Jimi Hendrix, lead guitar

Janis Joplin sings.

John Denver from high

John Lennon Imagines songs

Jim Croce had dreams

Jim — Doors — Lizard King

Jerry Garcia, Grateful

John Bonham, drummer

A preponderance

Of J’s that died much too soon

Still rocking away!

I am the front man

Looking to start a new band

Got any ideas?

Well, pick a letter!

Grim Reaper is the String Man?

Smiling, I say, “X”

© ViataMaja, Laminas